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What happens when the blackjack dealer hits a hot streak

“He’s winning because he’s a real solid player. It’s not a guessing game with him.” The high-five guy said, “Whatever, it’s working for him. I just wish you’d cool off against us.” Connie: One night started with Yolanda dealing, and I won money. I was betting $10 a hand, sometimes up to $25 in good streaks, and I’d won about $250. Then Kim came on, and she couldn’t lose. I took my bets down to $10 and left them there, but the losses still mount up when you lose four or five hands, feel lucky when you push one, then lose four or five more.

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From chemistry to blackjack: a lifetime of playing it right

From chemistry to blackjack: a lifetime of playing it right Mark Gruetze | Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017, 9:00 p.m. Smoking in four casinos in and near Baton Rouge, La., will be banned starting in June 2018. The East Baton Rouge Metro Council voted 7-5 on Aug. 7 to ban smoking inside casinos and bars, but gave establishments 10 months to prepare for the switch, the Advocate newspaper reported. In 2015, New Orleans banned smoking at the city's bars and casino. The Advocate reported that the Louisiana Casino Association predicted that a smoking ban would cause a revenue loss of 10 percent to 15 percent. Supporters noted that 21 states have laws banning smoking at state-regulated casinos. Statewide slot players' loss week ending Aug.

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